This is us (our family sales pitch)

Do you watch This Is Us? It’s the only TV series that we follow in this house.

If you’ll recall, my husband is a television editor here in Los Angeles. Since he makes TV all day, the last thing he wants to do is come home and watch more of it. So ours is rarely on when Daddy is home.

But he makes an exception for This Is Us, and he and I now watch it together.

I was turned onto the show last season when a friend (and fellow adoptive mom) mentioned that I might want to check it out. I watched the series premiere one night while Jeff was at work, and I bawled my eyes out. I immediately made him watch it with me again when he got home that night. (Okay, he willingly participated, but you get the idea…)

I think it’s obvious the adoption theme on the show is relevant to us, as is the idea of raising a child of a different race and everything that goes along with that.

My husband also gives props to the writing and the editing (he knows more about all that Hollywood stuff than I do), and we just really enjoy the show overall.

So how does this relate to our adoption story? Continue reading