We’re pregnant again! Sort of…

You know how people say there’s no such thing as “sort of pregnant”?

Well, that’s actually kind of fitting in an adoption scenario.

It has been a crazy, interesting, exciting, scary, and emotional last few days.

Every time I sit down to work on this post, I get a call or an email or a text with a further development. I almost feel like I should be tweeting the blow-by-blow. But I’m not a Twitterer.

Anyway, here’s the latest as of this moment. Just know it could have further developed by the time you are reading this.

We got a call last Thursday evening with another birth mother match. Continue reading

Jumping back in

So what do you do to get back on track when your adoption process has been completely derailed? Here’s what’s been happening the last couple weeks.

We’ve pretty much moved past what happened to us. It will always be a part of our story now, but there’s not much we can do or accomplish by dwelling on it.

My tears have long since dried up, and our friends and family have been incredibly generous with their support of our GoFundMe campaign.

We hadn’t quite ironed out with our agency what, if any, parameter changes we wanted to make to our adoption criteria. In the meantime, we agreed to them continuing to present us to potential birth mothers knowing we could always say no to a match that didn’t feel like a right fit. Continue reading