What is he? and other random questions from strangers

“He is SO cute! What is he?”

I looked at the woman blankly for a second. I had a feeling I knew what she meant, but I still asked, “What do you mean?”

She stared back at me with a smile on her face and eventually asked, “What’s his ethnicity?”

We were standing at the sink in the restroom of a restaurant where my family and I were just finishing lunch. We were looking at each other in the mirror as I hoisted up my son to the sink and held his hands under the faucet to wash them. Continue reading

Weighing our choices – especially race

We’re getting back on track to move our adoption forward.

First up, reviewing and signing the 20-page contract with our agency, then filling out their client info sheet. In addition to the usual questions of name and contact info, the client sheet also requests things like age, ethnicity/religion, employment info, annual income, driver’s license numbers, answering if we’ve ever been arrested… and so on.

In addition to all that, some other things we have to consider and questions we have to answer right off the bat include: Continue reading

Adoption: the unknown, the frustrating, and the downright lame… part 1

Unless you are close to someone who has adopted, chances are you haven’t heard some of the frustrations that can go on behind the scenes, the dead ends that can be hit, or the ugly details that you’d never otherwise know.

Coming back to our situation with the international birth mother…

The more we learned about her scenario and learned from our agency about how this all might play out, the more bleak the prospect of moving forward and succeeding with this placement began to look. Continue reading