Please don’t call my kids “lucky” – adoption words and why they matter

Let me preface this post by saying that I am not the expert on all things adoption. The more I learn and talk with other adoptive parents, the more I see how vastly different adoption experiences can be. So what I share, I share from my own experience.

I also don’t assume that most people are outright trying to offend when they make certain comments or ask what some might consider inappropriate or invasive questions. Heck, when my little family is all together, it’s pretty obvious that we are not blood related.

I choose to believe that curiosity gets the better of many an inquirer, and they don’t really take time to filter or think through what’s about to come out of their mouth. In moments like that, I can choose to be indignant and retort with a snarky comment (though frankly, I’m not quick on my feet with stuff like that), or I can see it as an opportunity to help educate people about adoption.

So with that being said, I want to touch on some phrases and terms that often get tossed out around adoptive families, and offer some alternatives that more positively label or depict the situation and adoption in general. Continue reading

We’re getting close!

We are within six weeks of birth mother’s due date.

People keep asking me if I’m ready, and I’m never quite sure how to answer.

Ready for a baby? Pretty much. We already have all the stuff. It will just take a quick trip to storage to grab the bassinet, infant car seat, and a few other items. It’s another boy, so we already have all the clothes. This baby is even arriving in the same season our son did, so no need to worry about having a newborn wardrobe inappropriate for the time of year.

I’ll need to sterilize some bottles and probably order a few ingredients for my homemade formula (yes, I make my own… plus a wonderful friend donated half a freezer full of breast milk to us!). It’s all pretty quick and easy stuff to get us set up with what we’ll need to provide for a newborn.

The thing that makes me hesitate when people ask me if I’m ready is the knowledge that there is no guarantee yet that we will actually be bringing this baby home. Though I’m pretty sure that’s not something on most people’s minds when they ask me that question.

Well, it’s on mine. Continue reading